Can we have our portrait taken outside?

Absolutely! It's my specialty.

By doing the portraits at your home or your favorite park, the settings are casual, not intimidating, and fun for the kids and adults. We can spend hours with you to create a masterpiece, instead of rushing you through like the strip-mall studios.

We create both traditional portraits along with candid, natural and interactive photographs that are fun and show everyone’s personality.

Which session should we book? 

All sessions are applicable for individual families, children, high school seniors, maternity and engagements. 

One hour at one location is works for most people. It's plenty of time to get comfortable and get some great photographs. 

If you want to go to multiple locations, and have time for clothing changes, the 1.75-hour or 2.5-hour sessions are more appropriate. 

Large families, with multiple smaller families, may want more than an hour and will need to pay an additional $25 per person after the first 6 people.

Does one location mean all the photos are done in the same spot? 

No... We can walk around and photograph many different areas of the location.  We can even drive to multiple locations in the same park if it's a larger park like Eden Park, or Mt. Airy Forest. 

But, it counts as multiple locations if we have to drive outside of the 'park', on a road to get to a different location. 

Does driving time count towards our time? 

Yes and no. Driving to and from the session does not count. Once we meet up and begin, walking and driving does count towards the time limit. 

Can you suggest locations?

Yes. Let me know what you are envisioning and I can suggest some areas. 

How many poses do I get?

You get as many 'poses' as we can do, as we flow from one to another to create incredible images that capture your spirit and personality.

Of course there are also the playful fun photographs which are not posed at all.

How many clothing changes do I get?

As many outfits as you can bring. However, changing time does count towards your session time. 

When will I get the images?

Usually in a few days. 

What should we wear?

Families, and couples whose clothing blends harmoniously create a visually pleasing photograph where the viewer's eye goes directly to the faces. While we don't want everyone to be so matched that it looks like a "Best Buy" company photograph, we don't want visual chaos or, any one member to pop out.

Here's my portrait clothing advice:


The couple or group's outfits should be the same style... dressy, business, or casual.

Everyone should choose simple garments within the same tonal ranges. Light and dark tones mixed together create visual confusion, as one subject comes forward and the other recedes.

Choose clothing in the same tonal ranges so that no single member stands out because the clothing is too light or bright as compared to the rest of the group.


Assume your thighs, knees, and ankles will be visible in some photographs. Cover any parts you don't want seen.

Slacks, skirt, or a dress are all fine as long as the outfit is simple.

The style should fit each other and the location... Dressy or business in urban settings, and casual in woodsy park settings.

Footwear and socks will be visible in some photographs.
Guys: Socks should match the slacks, even with jeans.
Unless you want to make the statement that you have no fashion sense... please forget gym shoes.


Avoid bright colors and pastels.

Colors that approximate skin tones, like peach, pink, and coral are distracting.

With other colors like red, blue, and green, just consider the shade...
Brick red and rust work well, while bright red is overpowering.